At A Firm Foundation Bible School, we teach believers how to study the Bible and help them develop a hunger for a deeper relationship with God. We also teach the history behind each book of the Bible and we show how to research different topics in the Bible. In addition, we teach techniques that show how to find each book of the Bible.

We study the Old Testament for an entire year then we do an in-dept study on the 400 years between the Old and New Testaments. We devote one year to the study of the New Testament then an entire year to the study of the Book of Revelation.

There are workbooks available for each class that is taught. Upon completion of each class, an official graduation is commenced along with the awarding of a certificate of completion. This school is not only for "new believers in Christ," it is also for seasoned Christians and Sunday School teachers as well.

The purpose of this school is to assist believers in knowing the Bible and to help them with their research for all of its revelatory truths. It will truly help to develop a closer walk with God. 

The Workbooks that are utilized in the school can be purchased on this site.