VBS-In The Wild Preschool Starter Kit: Babies-Kindergarten

VBS-In The Wild Preschool Starter Kit: Babies-Kindergarten

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One In the Wild Preschool Starter Kit gets you started with classes for babies through kindergarten!

The VBS 2019 Preschool Starter Kit: Babies-Kindergarten is packed with the items each age group leader needs for teaching-including leader packs and rotation packs. Simply distribute the bags to your age-group and rotation leaders. Order extra leader guides for additional leaders and a Field Guide: 3s-K for each child aged three through completed kindergarten. Contents include:

Babies-2s: One Babies-2s Leader Guide; One Babies-2s Leader Pack; One Keepsake Book
3s-Pre-K: One 3s-Pre-K Leader Guide; One 3s-Pre-K Leader Pack; One Field Guide: 3s-K
Kindergarten: One Kindergarten Leader Guide; One Kindergarten Leader Pack; One Field Guide: 3s-K
Rotations: 3s-Kindergarten Rotation Pack; Craft Pack Samples
Gifts and Souvenirs: One Kids Fun Kit; One Daily Verse Tag; One Hand Puppet Decal; One Sticky Foam Shapes Sample (One of each shape); One Snapshot Viewer

Throw on your camera strap and buckle your seatbelt. VBS 2019 takes you on a wild adventure with elephants and egrets, polar bears and penguins, cockatoos and crocodiles. As you seek out exotic animals, you'll also find snapshots of real-life encounters with Jesus in Scripture. Kids will go from bewildered to believing as they get In the Wild at this summer's VBS.